Philmont 2022

Troop 61 is sending 2 crews to Philmont for a 12-day expedition with an arrival date of July 7, 2022.

TREK COSTS.  The Philmont Reservation Fee, per participant (adults and youth) is $1,295.  This fee is broken down into the following payments:

· Deposit of $150.00/person due 12/30/2020--PAID

· Advance of $572.50/person due 9/1/2021

· Balance of $572.50/person due 2/1/2022

PLANNING CALENDAR.  This calendar will be a work in progress, and more detail will be added as we get closer to our Philmont trek date.  This is intended to give participants a general idea of events as we go through the next 18 months.

·        December 2020:  Initial $150/person deposit is due to Ryan Maus (Troop Treasurer).

·        January 2021-July 2022:  Scouts to work on skill development and merit badges.

·        July 2021-June 2022:  Make sure your annual BSA medical forms are up to date, including Parts A, B, and C and any sections regarding physician’s approval to engage in high adventure activities.  Any medical issues that may prevent participants from going on a 12-day backpacking trip should be discussed with your physician (excessive weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, etc.).  Philmont physicians will review medical forms on our arrival and make final determinations about whether you will be allowed on trail.

·        August 2021—At annual lock-in plan hikes and 5-6 gear shakedown backpacking trips.  Plan events to allow for practice in orienteering, first aid, etc.

·        September 2021—Second payment due to Troop.

·        October-December 2021—discuss trek itineraries (what programs scouts want to do, and where/how long they want to hike) and determine crew rosters. (Note that both crews do not have to have the same itinerary! They will arrive and depart Philmont at the same time but can have a different experience.)

·        October 2021-May 2022—take BSA Wilderness First Aid and CPR classes (usually a weekend-long class)

·        December 2021—the Christmas season!  This is a good time to put backpacking gear on your wish-list for Santa, family, and friends.

·        January 2022—Enter Trek Itinerary Lottery

·        February 2022—Final payment due to Troop.

·        February-June 2022—Get trail ready!  Do shakedown hikes to refine gear selection, work on backpacking skills, and have fun.  We’ll also select crew leadership during this time.

·        March-April 2022—learn results of the Philmont Itinerary Lottery.

·        July 4-5, 2022—Leave for New Mexico

·        July 7, 2022—Arrival day at Philmont Scout Ranch

·        July 8, 2022—Leave Philmont base camp with our trek guide to begin our trip.

·        July 10, 2022—Trek guide leaves crews, we hike on our own for remainder of trip.

·        July 18, 2022—Arrive back at Philmont base camp

·        July 19, 2022—Depart Philmont Scout Ranch

·        July 21, 2022—Arrive in Ohio.

Resources to plan for Philmont
Philmont's has a website has a lot of great information it is located here 
The Philmont website has a lot of information to plan for the trip and we will focus a topic periodically.

Hiking at Philmont is often difficult. Weighty packs, steep trails, and high altitudes challenge even the best backpackers. These tips and techniques are provided to make the journey easier.

This is the gear list from the last crew.

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