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All Scouts are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Scout Oath and Law. Scouting is not the place for the use of foul language, bullying, fighting, disrespect or disregard for the instructions of the Troop leaders or any other behavior inconsistent with the Scout Oath and Law.

Troop 61 Code of Conduct

Insubordination / Disrespect – A Scout shall not be disrespectful, refuse, or fail to comply with directives and reasonable requests of Assistant Scoutmasters, Scoutmasters or any other adult leader.

Profanity/Obscene Language/Inappropriate Gestures – A Scout shall not use profanity or obscene language, either written or verbal, in communicating with any other person. Included in this prohibition, but not limited to, is the use of obscene gestures, signs, pictures, or publications. Obscenities or profanity directed at any adult leader either verbally or in writing regardless of the time or place (during a Scouting event or outside of a Scout event) may result in suspension from Scouts.

Two- Deep Leadership – At least two adult leaders who are registered in Scouting should be on the job during troop campouts and other outdoor programs. This is not only a policy - it is just common sense. 
  1. If an incident occurs between a Scout and an adult leader, the leader who was disrespected will remove himself (this also refers to female leaders/adults but in the interest of space, all leaders shall be referred to in the masculine) from the situation for a cool-out period, he will alert the other leader(s) about the incident. 
  2. When the adult has cooled off, in the absence of three leaders, the two leaders will speak with the boy about the situation. If there are three leaders, the other two leaders not involved in the said situation can speak with the boy.
  3. The Scout will then have to call his parent(s) to explain the situation and to have the parent pick him up right away. 
  4. There will be an automatic two-week suspension from all Scouting activities from that point on, regardless of whether or not there is a campout (in which case the family will lose whatever fees have been paid out) or other extra activity. 
  5. The Scout will then be place on automatic and non-time limited probation. If and when the Scout returns and the same behavior continues, the same procedures as above will be observed, and an automatic one-month suspension from any and all Scouting activities will be enforced. 
  6. If behavior reoccurs after the third offense, then Scout will be asked to leave Troop 61. 
  7. The above consequences can also be visited upon any adult leader should the adult leader be the offender. 

Harassment/Bullying – a Scout shall not harass, intimidate, disparage, incite, provoke, stalk, bully/cyber bully, or threaten any individual at any Scout event , whether at a Scout meeting, or day event, or camp out. For this purpose, harassment or intimidation includes but is not limited to: inappropriate contact, unauthorized touching, slurs, profanity, written information, denigrating remarks or actions, obscene gestures, the wearing or display of insignia sign buttons, clothing, or apparel, or other verbal or physical conduct including, those based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, handicap, age, gender, or sexual orientation that have the purpose or effect of:

  1. causing or intending to cause any other Scout or leader to be reasonably placed in fear of his or her personal safety,
  2. causing or intending to cause a hostile, intimidating , or offensive environment for any other Scout or troop leader,
  3. causing or intending to to cause material disruption of the Scouting process,
  4. unreasonably interfering with a Scout’s performance, or
  5. otherwise unreasonably having a negative impact on a Scouts’ opportunities. A Scout who believes he has been a victim of harassment should report and file a complaint with the patrol leader, senior patrol leader, assistant Scout master or Scout master.  

Troop 61 strives to maintain an environment where all boys will be free from harassment. Troop 61 will not tolerate harassment of any type whether it is behavior, comment or conduct. In the event a Scout feels that an unsafe/hazardous condition exists or if a Scout is injured (physically or mentally) while at a Scouting event, he shall be required to report such a condition to his patrol leader.  

It is the responsibility of any Scout who is subjected to harassment to inform his patrol leader (follow the chain of command) of the facts regarding such harassment so that the appropriate corrective action may be taken. All incidents of harassment will be taken seriously and investigated in an efficient and expeditious manner. The offending Scout will be informed that an investigation of alleged harassment will be conducted and an appropriate corrective action will be taken if warranted.  

If a Scout is having a problem with another Scout(s):
  1. The boy who is being intimidated shall first alert the patrol leader.
  2. The patrol leader at the discretion of the Scoutmaster can ask the patrol to come up with an appropriate punishment if it is a first offense. However, the Scout is expected to by-pass the standard chain of command and should report to the next higher leader when the person to whom the Scout would normally report to is the person who allegedly committed such harassment.
  3. If the boy is having a problem with the patrol leader than the boy may approach the senior patrol leader with the problem. 
  4. The parent(s) of the offending Scout will be called by the offending Scout himself to explain his actions and to be picked up.
  5. The parents of the Scout who was harassed will also be notified of the incident.
  6. The patrol leader can accompany the boy to seek the assistance of the Assistant Scoutmaster.
  7. The Scoutmaster may be called in.
  8. If the conduct continues then the situation can be brought to the Committee Chair. 
  9. If the boys who are opposing are in the same patrol, then they need to be separated.

Violence-Free Environment
Troop 61 will not tolerate threats or acts of violence and are committed to providing a safe environment. All Scouts are expected to treat each other in a friendly, courteous, kind and respectful manner. Consistent with this policy, threats or acts of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment and/or coercion which involve or affect other Scouts will not be tolerated. 

Leaders should utilized necessary precautions, including two-deep leadership, supervision at all times, and to protect all Scouts when a threat is made. It is the responsibility of each Scout to report incidents of threats or acts of physical violence of which he is aware to his adult leader.
  1. If violence occurs an Assistant Scoutmaster or the Scoutmaster should be immediately notified. The boys involved will be separated. 
  2. An investigation will immediately take place to see how this happened and how the situation escalated. 
  3. The offending Scout will have to call his parents to explain the situation and to will need to be picked up immediately. 
  4. The parents of the other Scout will also be notified of the incident.
  5. There will be an automatic two-week suspension of all Scouting activities and all moneys paid toward camping or any other activity will not be refunded. 
  6. The Scout will automatically be put on parole. If another incident of violence reoccurs, the Scout will be suspended for one month. 
  7. If conduct reoccurs a third time after a one-month suspension, the Scout will be asked to terminate his membership with Troop 61.

Dropping off and picking up Scouts.
The adult leaders will do their utmost to provide a safe and secure area and environment for the program. Leaders are not responsible for the boys until fifteen minutes prior to the meeting (6:45 P.M.) Parents should not drop their children off until this time. If there is an early arrival, parents must wait with their son until said time.

Parents need to be aware that they need to physically come in and pick up their children from inside the building. The boys will no longer be allowed to step outside to be picked up by their parents.

It is very important that parents take the two on-line trainings that Simon Kenton Council’s website: www.Scouters.org. Click on training>training courses>
  1. Fast Start
  2. Youth Protection

Please print up the certificates that show on your screen after the completion of each course and give to the Scoutmaster. This is a requirement of Troop 61 that all adults in a Scout’s household complete these trainings.

It is important that the Scouts parents are knowledgeable of Scouting principles, values, procedures and processes. It is also a reassurance to other parents that every adult in the Troop is aware of the aforementioned. Please hand in these certificates within the first month of membership.